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Pluie/Noir Podcast 033
"Music For Meditation"
Sound by Ztrl
Visual Interpretation by Bonjour Bonsoir
Video by Max Binski
Pluie/Noir Podcast is a bi-monthly audio-visual episode representing our work as an artist collective. Each episode will feature a one hour collage/mix by one of our producers/djs and a poster triptych by one of our designers.
We interviewed the artists and dropped some questions about their vision:
Welcome to p/n. how are you daniel?

I feel good, thanks! Peace and harmony here.
Your first official release will be on PNR003. Any incoming releases?

I'm in contact with several vinyl labels, some of them have my tracks already, some of them are waiting for my tunes, so if everything goes well I will have some records out in the second part of 2013.

You improved your music making skills a lot in the past few years. What is your current approach to music production?

The start is really hard to an artist like me. I've had the ideas in my head for ages, but I didn't have the right equipment or knowledge to produce them easily. So first I had to learn a lot on how to create these tunes, with my limited resources. Of course this is not the end of the road. The approach is the same, I try to show my feelings and thoughts in my music, add something from myself into my works.

Music for meditation... how and why?

I made this set half a year ago, for meditation. I always search new ways to find harmony and peace, and this set was made to help me channel out from the week's daily routine. Sit down, watch a sunrise/sunset, or just close your eyes and let your mind run free.

Future plans?

I would like to finish those vinyl projects first, then I would like to test myself as a dj, step by step, on limited parties etc...
And meanwhile I would like to move from here to Vienna/Berlin/London, find a better job, make new friends, and be a part of the best parties there.
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